Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Time Has Come For America's Next Great Generation To Make Its Mark

After yesterday's primary result in New Hampshire, it now looks like Bernie Sanders is the real deal, at least with the Millennials, the under 40 crowd.  As Bernie says with utter conviction, "no more establishment politics, no more establishment economics.  The time has come for a political revolution.  Politics should serve all Americans, not just the financial elite."  You tell them Bernie!

One thing is constant in this life and it is change.  Intergenerational change is upon us and there is nothing that the older generation can do to prevent it because the world has changed.  Technology has made it so that we can communicate easily amongst ourselves.  We no longer need the traditional media to tell us what to think, what is acceptable, and what choices we should make.

In the traditional media, thought control goes on unabated.  Everyday we are bombarded with messages designed to protect the privilege of those who maintain the status quo.  Fortunately, it has become readily apparent to those who comprise a critical mass in the younger generation that America has become incredibly self-serving playground for its elites and its boomers incredibly complacent in allowing this to happen.

Saddled with crushing debt from pursuing a post-secondary education, often just scraping by on a pathetic minimum wage, fortunate not to fall ill so to require medical attention, the Millennials know all to well that their future has been sacrificed in effort to make the rich even richer.  It must be very difficult for them to hear and put up with the bullshit that passes for political discourse in mainstream America.

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That's where Bernie comes in.  He's been speaking up for the average American for forty years.  He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth like Hillary.  He doesn't have a Super Pac funding his campaign.  Goldman Sachs hasn't paid him $675,000 to give a crappy speech, rife with clich├ęs and worn out ideas.  He doesn't listen to Kenny G.

For the people with money, Bernie comes across as a radical because he wants to rock the boat, spread some of that cash around in the richest nation on the planet.  In Bloomberg News, he was branded as a public menace.  How that got into my Facebook Newsfeed I'll never know.  Most of my Facebook friends are progressives, which brings me to the reason why this presidential election will go down in history like no other.

In short, the opinions expressed in the traditional media, on American broadcast television, like on Meet the Press and Face the Nation, or on Fox News won't make a difference in this election because these opinions don't reach America's younger voters.  Social media has definitely taken over and money can't control or even influence the millions of online conversations Americans are having each and every day. 

Bernie is speaking to the masses.  His YouTube videos are shared daily not only by his ardent supporters, but are reaching out into the extended social networks of the Millennials and their older family members who by now are all online.  Imagine grandma or grandpa finding one of Bernie's videos on their Facebook Newsfeed, posted by their favorite granddaughter or grandson.  Such a post is not easily ignored.  It's personal.  The channel doesn't get changed.

So, in closing, I think it's fitting that I leave you with the first Bernie Sanders video I shared on Facebook.  I hope to share many more.

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