Thursday, November 14, 2013

Canada's Rob Ford Is Far Too Canadian

In other words, just dessert Canada for not taking care of your political institutions.

Take a look around: an out-dated voting system, scandal in the Senate, documented voter suppression through robo calls, rampant corruption in the province of Quebec, and a big, fat, crack smoking mayor of Canada's largest, world class (but not for the right reasons) city -- Toronto.

Yet Canadians are so nice.  How did they end up being led by such a pathetic lot?

They couldn't be bothered to do much if anything to change the status quo.

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Let's face it.  Most Canadians couldn't give a shit about the way they are governed.  As long as they can make the payments on their mortgage, cars, credit cards and make believe that hockey is their game, they'll let someone else to do the heavy lifting.

Inappropriate behavior brings about unpleasant consequences, and in the case of Rob Ford, Canada is looking at the consequences of neglecting the development of its political institutions. 

We still employ the same methods of governance that predate the harnessing of electricity, the commercialization of the internal combustion engine, and the rise of information and communications technology.

As a result, we are the joke.

Like it or not, Rob Ford is far too Canadian and the world has taken notice.