Monday, April 11, 2011

Tired of Having the News Dumbed Down? Turn Off the Tube and Get An iPad!

I've enjoyed my iPad for about a year now. For someone who is an info-holic and works in communications, it's changed the way I access information and there's no going back.

High definition touch screen with which I get the news on line from around the world, watch the videos I want when I want, read e-books that take 30 seconds or less to download, surf the web, connect to social media, compose and post my blogs, send and receive email, read a personalized magazine dedicated to the subjects which are of interest to me, keep track of everything with powerful applications, and that's without mentioning all the fun stuff.

Lately, I noticed by the time I get home in time to watch the evening news, it's no longer news. Not only am already aware of the day's events, but I have already read the pertinent comments from my Facebook friends. As a result, I rarely find the so called expert analysis all that interesting. Moreover, the presentation of the news by the major television networks smacks of low grade propaganda. It goes out of its way to treat complex issues with trite explanations that fit easily with the dominant worldview put forward by the powers that be. Heaven forbid that a cultural myth is called into question.

Take advantage of what newer communications technology has to offer. I've already replaced commercial radio in my car with a satellite feed, and I enjoy not having my favorite tunes interrupted by the banal sales pitch trying to sell me something I don't really need.

So, I'm going to kick the filthy habit. I'm no longer going to park my ass in front of the Tube to watch the news. There's only so much time in the day and I'm not going to waste it being forced fed commercials that intersperse sound bytes featuring low information content.

Be a wise-guy or a wise-gal. Get an iPad or its equivalent and set your mind free. Not only will you become more intelligent, you will be less stressed out by having escaped thinking about all the crap the networks force you to attend to.


  1. An iPad is on my Wish List. When, if ever, I'll be able to get one is iffy at best. However, I use my Mac mini much as you describe, to get the news that *I* want, not drivel that's been diluted and biased by pundits or questionable *journalists* (Brian Lilley comes to mind) or media consortia.

    As for radio or TV, I own neither; and I've been without a phone - both landline and cell - for over three years. I am wholly reliant on the Internet for my news, entertainment, and connection to my community and the world. And I'm absolutely fine with that.

  2. I confess to watching the debate, then getting really ticked off with the media interpretations, case in point. I don't want an hour of their pre-digested garbage (media commentators, gossips etc)yet there I sat, watching and ranting at the same time, consuming a precious hour when I could have been writing. When my book sells and I make my millions -- to the I-Pad goest I. Thanks for the (as always) interesting insight. The tao of information? All about choice!

  3. The Tao of information is largely about exerting conscious control over the flow of information. In today's context of a superabundance of information, one needs to be more discriminating. Often, this means not getting plugged into multiple channels and choosing ones that are suitable to the character of the person. For example, since I write for a living, I prefer communicating by text messages that are longer than 140 characters. Hence, email, facebook, and blogs work for me. Also, I control when I respond to an incoming message. I find having a cell phone reduces me to a Pavlov's dog like situation.


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