Thursday, June 17, 2010

Obama Battles the Bonehead Factor in the US Big Time

There are times when the bonehead factor in the US goes way off the scale. Having watched Obama's speech from the oval office and the following media reaction, I couldn't get over how much time is given to some really bonehead debate.

First, why do Americans think that the best way of fixing a problem is to declare war upon it? War on drugs. War on terror. Now, the war on the hole in the bottom of the ocean.

On CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, they actually discuss: "if this were a war, would we be winning?", and they are serious when they use military metaphors. I guess they were disappointed that Obama didn't give them a "we shall fight them on the beaches" speech.

Second, where do people come off cursing against the six-month moratorium on deep sea drilling? Holy moly Batman, don't they notice that the hole left over from where the Deepwater Horizon rig used to be is gushing out 60,000 barrels a day and that the emergency response plans from the other major oil companies all include plans to protect the walruses in the Gulf?

Dat don't matter. Drill, baby, drill. Whose you daddy!

Third, what's with all this paranoia with big government? I guess size is important for a lot of Americans and it appears that for many it's better to have a small one.

Don't they realize that size doesn't matter? Everyone knows that what counts is what you do with government and in this case it means having the proper regulatory framework so this shit doesn't go down. Didn't they learn anything from the collapse of the financial markets and getting tapped for a trillion dollar buy out?

Finally, Americans have to get over the belief that if declaring war on the problem doesn't work, technology will come to their rescue. It's as if everybody is extremely pissed off that Obama doesn't slip into some type of Iron Man web suit, dive down to the bottom of the sea and plug that damn hole with a giant stopper, kicking some serious BP ass while he's at it.

Fortunately, the President is a smart guy. He gets it. The era of cheap oil is over and the US needs to kick it's addiction to fossil fuels.

In conclusion, the situation is totally BP, beyond politics, and Americans are going to have to change their ways, no matter what the boneheads would have us believe.

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