Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Than Ever America Needs to be Coherent in Its Electoral Response

Well America, taking a look at the recent stats concerning wage growth or the lack thereof and the stunning drop in the net worth of the vast majority of Americans, I think that it goes without saying that you have been screwed royally.

Between 2005 and 2010, the median wage dropped by 7% and on average people lost about a third of their net worth. During the same period, corporate profits soared; executive pay went through the roof; and you got stuck paying the bill for the biggest public bailout in history.

Come November, you are faced with a choice. Would you like to begin to repair the catastrophic damage that free market economics inflicted upon your collective well-being or would you like the situation to get even worse for the majority of Americans?

The choice is clear.

Either you re-elect Obama and give the Democrats majority control in Congress or you, your children and their children will pay the consequences.

After what you've been through, it seems to me that it would be inconceivable to elect Romney, a predatory capitalist if ever there was one, and to allow the Republicans to continue with their grotesque masquerade of protecting the public's interest in Congress.

Hey, to those of us looking in from the outside, it's obvious that you're stuck in an abusive relationship with a political party that knows how to push your buttons so that you make totally irrational decisions that are incredibly self-destructive.

But there is a way out. You can leave this destructive relationship behind by hauling your sorry asses to the polling station in sufficient numbers and voting in a manner that says fuck you to the Supreme Court decision that allows corporations to spend unlimited, undisclosed amounts of money in favor of those candidates that advance corporate interests at your expense.

Come on America, this is a historic occasion.

Given the entrenched power that the corporate plutocracy wields in America and the separation of powers within your system of governance, nothing less than a completely coherent response that is a clear repudiation of the socio-economic scam that has been played upon you is required.

Like the French recently figured out, give your President the tools he needs to get the job done.

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