Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gutting Canada's Environmental Laws Is Simply Part of Stephen's Gubernaculum

To the one who wears the Crown goes the right to do what one wants when one sees fit. 

In the case when the Crown resides in Parliament, this right is transferred to the Monarch's representative, the Prime Minister.  Although the Prime Minister must abide by the laws of Parliament, more or less, since he is effectively the one who sees over them, he is said to possess the Monarch's gubernaculum, the mysterious power reserved for the wearer of the crown that allows the Prime Minister to declare war without the consent of Parliament, sign international treaties, prorogue parliament, and put aside the section of the electoral law which stipulates that general elections will be held on fixed dates.

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Seen in this light, Bill C-38, known as the Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act, but to others as the Environmental Destruction Act, is not some form of skulduggery but is simply a part of the Prime Minister's gubernaculum.  In other words, as long as he stays within the law of the land as one who governs with a majority in Parliament he can rule the land as he sees fit.

For example, building a pipeline quickly to transport the oil from the Alberta tar sands requires that federal law be modified.  It's that simple.  There's no need for discussion.  Let's make the modifications and get on with it.  All this talk of protecting the environment and respect for democratic principles is nothing more than trying to drum up support for a potential usurper of the crown.

Perhaps another Prime Minister would exercise his gubernaculum differently.  That may be the case, but that's talk for another day.

Peace, order, and good government that's what Canada is all about.

Democracy?  That's what pot smoking, Foucault reading, tree huggers, base their delusionally optimistic fantasies for the future.

We'll have none of it.

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  1. The monarchs representative in Canada is the Governor General.

    As to our Prime Minister abiding by the laws of our Parliament - bollocks.



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